Ya’ll need to hop off the Kroq media dick!!!

Its all thanks to the fucken media! Coachella has been going on since the 90s and no one cared for it much until last year when Kroq burn it!! I got my tickets. Still its a shame, back in the days Coachella had real bands not like now! Fuck it, I’m going for at the drive in and radiohead and some others!! I hate all these djs, I want the real music back!!! – Luvia Gonzales

Are there tickets down there?

RATHER BE DEADAdrianne Villanueva


You think waiting is bad ,Try being a Vender at coachella fest, Heath Dept are real assholes, and they are putting big cash $$$$ in thair pockets, Just to Let you sell a dam hot-dog ?, DAM CORRUPTION “”“” CORRUPTION CORRUPTIONPapadog’s Papa-One

Grammar Betrayal

Screw you Coachella, I’m a local that has been going for many many years and not once ONCE have I been extremely disappointment until these last two years. I hope you fail hardAmissa Linares

Magic 8 Ball doesn’t lie

you’re so right..they try to say we do it to let more people its for more money…Andrew Smith

Hanging with my other 70,000 closest friends instead

coachella is officially wack- I dont want to go somewhere with so many unfamiliar faces anyways..Denai Rosen

Pain, Guilt, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

I don’t really know what to do with myself.

I’m just kind of sitting here staring at things. Opening one window, minimizing it. I just made my lunch at 4PM. Like…what happens now? – Kate in Brooklyn

Surgeon free since 2008

Should use the same ticketing as Glastonbury = no scalpelsJames Cohler

Mom knows identity theft is a real threat

Couldn’t find my mom’s credit card to buy tickets when I got home today at 11 and she wouldn’t tell it to me over the phone. No big deal, I’ll just wait til she gets home


And unlike everyone else, I accessed the page to weekend 2 tickets over 5 times. So I could have actually bought them!! WHY LIFE? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! SO FUCKING PISSED AT MYSELF. I will do anything for a ticket! SERIOUS OFFER. Anything except pay over $700 for a ticket - Genevieve

Please specify which circle

Your guys’ ticket system is complete bullshit, I went on at exactly 10:00 AM and waited for both weekends and I didn’t get anything. Almost all of the tickets for weekend 1 were sold in a pre-sale without people even knowing what the lineup was, what the fuck is this?! You guys can go to hell. Serious waste of my time.Kane Kandy-Kane Lafia

My favorite radiohead cover band is this weekend

Boycott. This is Bul @#$^. Support your local bands and venues.Mike Brinn

Where’s the closest communist festival

Waited forever for tickets… No luck. All those asses trying to make a profit!James Bordignon

My servers don’t has spell check, but
youre servers have autism - Alex Tran
COACHELLA, please don’t have your party same weekend as mine

FUCK YOU COACHELLA. I’ll have my own music festival and I’ll scalp all my tickets so you can’t come! Ha!Aleks Robles

Most sad spring break

Man I’m so bummed been on the stand by page for 3 hrs for nothing wasted my morning and now what get ripped off by some scalper! Thanks Coachella for not caring at all thanks for not going first come first served basis I know people who went on trying to buy tickets after me and got there tickets! Thanks for wasting my spring break and wasting my time!Thomas Brinkerhoff